Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Seeds galore and an intruder.

I looked at the plan and looked at any seeds I still have from last year. I needed some new seeds. I've stuck to some old friends like White Lisbon spring onions, Sturon onion sets, Boltardy beetroot, Apollo spinach and Musselburgh leeks. I tried Bunyards Exhibition broad beans, Ferrari French beans, some unnamed autumn broccoli and Incredible F1 sweetcorn. For carrots I want some variety, but I bought some Autumn King 2 for now. This lot should get me started.

The ground is drying out a bit and the weeds are starting to stir, so it will soon be time to turn the top soil and prepare for planting out, but the early sowing is under way at home.

The rabbits seem to be under control for now at least.

Do you know who's boot matches this print?
Today, my shed door was open. I don't lock it - that just makes more of a problem if someone is determined to be in, but I do fasten it shut in a particular way. My subtlety was not needed, the door was swinging in the breeze. Inside the wooden box I keep hand tools and small bits in was open and I can't find my small hand-weeding tool and my big hammer. Other tools seem untouched. In the ground near the shed there were a couple of footprints, clearly not mine and the tread seems to match other prints I've seen before when things were disturbed. It seems we may have a regular visitor - I wish he would scare away the rabbits.

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