Tuesday, 24 November 2009


A quick visit today replenished our supplies of leeks. We've now used about a third of them, though we're using the biggest first so some of the later ones won't go as far. The ground was very wet, so we tried to keep off it as much as possible, walking up the side of the plot rather than the middle; this is where the path will be next year.

It has been wet and windy over the last few days and the winter onions were looking a bit battered, today though they have all recovered and the garlic is looking really good. We didn't need any parsnips, but we decided to pull a couple of the celeriacs. My allotment book by Carol Klein says they should be harvested from mid Autumn to early Spring and they should be between apple and coconut sized. We took three, two smaller (apple) sized and one a bit bigger. They have a small amount of canker on the outside, just like some parsnips, but the flesh seems fine. They smell wonderfully of celery. Now we need to see how we like them, lightly boiled with a bit of butter added, mashed with potatoes or raw in a salad.

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