Monday, 30 November 2009


Tonight the first hard frost of the season is forecast, so today we went to make sure nothing would suffer from it. The plants still in the ground should be fine - we took a few leeks, but they were for us not to keep the frost from them.

We have no need for any water now until the spring. I disconnected the tap and unscrewed it from the side of the shed. I set it up with this in mind. There is a stop tap in the greenhouse and the pipe that connects the tap can be unscrewed from the stop tap. We put the tap and its pipework and the hosepipe into the greenhouse.

The water tanks, which are completely full, have plastic bottles in them. The bottles are part filled so they float low in the water. They are there so that any ice in the tank can crush the bottles not crack the sides of the tanks. Now the frost is less likely to do any real harm.

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