Thursday, 5 November 2009

Tidy up

We popped up to the plot to do a few jobs yesterday. The small heap of horse manure we collected from the local stables has rotted down a bit, so Jean spread that on the most needy area. We would have liked much more but we were too late, it had been spread on the fields. Next year I will collect some much earlier and store it to rot down longer. She also used some of the composted waste from the council, it all helps. I cut down the asparagus. It needs to be cut down to about an inch above ground when the fronds have turned yellow, which they had. Next year we will get a full crop. The wire frame that supports the fronds needed a repair, I might well need to replace some of it next year. That could be the prompt to make a better frame to support the fronds more evenly, we'll see.

We took some leeks and parsnips too. Another leek had a flower spike, so that just went straight onto the compost heap. The leeks which were planted a bit later have begun to fatten up a bit, and we still have loads of bigger ones to take yet. The parsnips were smaller than last year, partly I think because we didn't water them enough. They are still good to eat - stews just wouldn't be the same without them.

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