Wednesday, 11 November 2009


I wanted a bit of fresh air so the allotment beckoned. Jean tidied up the tomatoes in the greenhouse. I think they have stopped ripening for a while, but we just left them. Jean picked the dozen or so fruit left, some are showing some sign of ripening, and brought them home to leave on a window sill. The spent compost all went on the plot, with the old plants added to the compost heap.

I pruned the gooseberry and black currant bushes. The thorns on the gooseberries really mean business, so I carefully thinned the bush to let light and air in for next year. The currants are more benign, they needed the old wood removing and any low or crossing branches removing. They all look better for pruning. It was a clear, crisp, very still afternoon, so the smell of black currant wood was especially strong and very pleasant. Maybe black currant pie from the freezer later.

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