Sunday, 31 May 2009

Blog and a net

We popped up to the plot to check the greenhouse, especially to water stuff in it because it has been quite hot. All was well and there was a note from Kim and Andy who are one of our newer plot holders. Kim is suggesting that we have a blog for the whole site. Why not? I sent her an email pointing to this blog. I would contribute to a joint one but keep this one going as my diary.

While we were there I covered our cabbages with some netting. We bought the netting and canes from the Kenilworth Avenue Allotment Society. Jean wanted some seed compost and we asked for John Innes No1, but they don't keep it. They say loam based seed and cutting compost is much more popular so we bought some of that. Lets see what Jean thinks of it.


Kim said...

Hi Chris, thanks for the mention! I will try to get the blog set up in the next few days and will add you in as a team member.
Kim McBirnie

Kim said...

I'm sooo glad I found this blog, (via Kim) as I've set up a veg plot in the corner of my field but I'm lacking the connection with other allotment holders. So I'll be browsing here for the snippets of information I'm missing out on.

Kim x