Friday, 29 May 2009

A warm day tempts plants out

The ground is very warm, if dry, and the sun is forecast to be out for days, so it seems like a good time to plant stuff out. Gary added two courgettes to the two we bought. I dug the ground over and added a lot of the new soil conditioner from the council give-away. I planted each courgette on a little mound with a moat around it, though these moats will not be maintained at the tax-payers' expense.

Jean sowed some more carrots seeds, this time in a new plot near the spring onions. The planned layout of the plot, by the way, has just about gone to pieces, but I don't really mind. This is not a planned event with a timetable and a budget, so tearing up the plan hardly matters. The carrots got a lot of water before being sowed and a small amount after. The leeks planted yesterday look great, with a good damp bit of silt in the bottom of each hole. We have planted them too far apart so we can infill with the remaining leeks when they are big enough.

Jean also planted out most of our remaining tomatoes. We grew them to use in the greenhouse in a grow bag and the ones we planted there are fine, so the remaining ones can go out. If the summer is a warm one they will be fine outside. We didn't expect to plant these out so we had to find a spot for them, but this is easier that I thought because we are growing smaller numbers of most things, so there are a few little spaces dotted around. This will help too with finding a space for the squashes that have germinated in their pots and the celeriac that Rob has offered us.

The yellow winter onions are really fattening up nicely. The white ones bolted so we dug them up and we have been eating them like spring onions, but so far the yellow ones are very good.

I expect to have to water again in a few days, especially the courgettes.

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