Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Scary teasels

Last Friday we had another batch of asparagus. I saw some in the supermarket yesterday - £16 per kilo. I think our delicious shoots will prove to be a cheap way to enjoy it and be super fresh too. We also potted some spare tomatoes and took them up to the greenhouse.

Today we planted our first peas, well mange tout. They were very healthy looking with big root balls in their pots. I put short stakes next to them to grow up. When they are bigger I expect them to lean on each other. Jean planted our remaining parsnips out. they look great, but we might have left it slightly too long because the roots had grown out of bottom of the cardboard tubes. They don't like their roots disturbed so they could be stump rooted.

I turned the compost heap. It is beginning to look like nice stuff. We now have an empty bin and at this time of year it won't get much green in it, so it needs covering to stop the weeds growing in it. I fixed a little hook to the greenhouse door so it will stay open in a breeze. The hook was fixed to the old greenhouse door and since I rebuilt it I've been meaning to fix the hook and kept leaving it at home.

I used some old bamboo canes to string up a line over a few of the growing plants. I hung old CDs from the strings as bird scarers. We did this last year and it worked well. When they blew down the crops got nibbled, so I'm depending on them again.

Jean planted some teasels at the back of the site. we'll plant some at home too. They look great and the birds love the seeds. Back at home Jean sowed some more beetroot seeds in pots. They'll go up to the greenhouse next time we go.

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