Sunday, 24 May 2009


We watched the Jenson Button fairytale get even longer (if you're not sure what that is he won the Monaco Grand Prix). We then went out to do an hour's weeding. I think weeds are buoyant; as soon as it rains and there is water in the ground they float to the surface.

Yesterday Gary told me that, after a short illness, his wife had died. I'm very sad for such a nice bloke. He clearly put all his energy into his plot, there's not a weed to be seen nor a plant out of place.

We have two more runner beans that have appeared in their pots. The two that are out are getting eaten, I think I need some netting to cover things. No sign of the squashes germinating yet, but the much warmer weather might help. The two courgettes we bought are growing well and I think they may be ready to go out soon. Our leeks are still a bit small to plant out, but at least their allocated space has been weeded.

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