Thursday, 21 May 2009

Know your onions

We planted some winter onions last year, some white and some yellow. The white ones have bolted, so we have pulled them up and laid them out to dry. We'll try a few of the smaller ones as salad onions and see if the bigger ones will dry out and stay firm. The yellow ones still look good, with some forming good sized bulbs.

We weeded our carrots, they are looking feeble and not too many of them. I really hoped we would get some carrots, so I'm wondering if we should plant some more. The rain has helped the weeds to flourish so we need to have a couple of solid weeding sessions. We looked at the leeks to see if they were ready to plant out and the answer was clearly 'not yet'.

I took the last asparagus crop for this year. It is delicious and I'd like to take more, but this is the first year to harvest it and I need it to build up for the years to come. Patience is required to grow asparagus.

We collected four bags of soil improver from the council today. They took away our pernicious weeds, composted them and gave us back some lovely stuff.

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